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Automatic updates of series/movies


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Hi everyone!


I developed a script to fetch new movies and series everyday and automatically post them on Dooplay. 
The movies fetched are based on the daily and weekly trending list on TMDB.

The series updates all the series already posted on your site if new episodes have been released, and can also add the new trending series - based on a trending list on TMDB.

This script can basically update your site automatically everyday with all the latest trending movies and series.


I wanted to check if anyone would be interested in it, and which features would be the most beneficial to you. 

I hope I'm not breaking any rules on this forum with this post, otherwise I understand if it is taken down. For those interested, you can reach me on my email: [email protected]

I'll be waiting for your input!

Take care everyone!

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There are no need for me to post screenshots as it is only python files. It runs on python/selenium and if you use cron, it will update your website automatically pretty much forever :)

Just shoot me an email if you are interested, I can show you how it works on a test site if you set one up.

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