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JWPlayer can't play HLS from Azure

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Hi Doothemes support,

I'm using the latest version of Dooplay (v2.4.0), and when setup video source using HTTP Live Streaming for a movie in my website, it doesn't work, the JWPlayer can't play. (I already select Type: URL MP4 when creating my movie)

Here is my m3u8 file: https://speechlabms-aase.streaming.media.azure.net/ace094f6-4393-4154-b398-5d76563040de/94c6e511-1b7e-41e4-9518-b1ba7b12.ism/manifest(format=m3u8-aapl)

I check console from browser and it prints:

- MediaError {code: 4, message: ""}

- JW Player Error 224003. For more information see https://developer.jwplayer.com/jw-player/docs/developer-guide/api/errors-reference#224003


I tested my m3u8 file from other sites to make sure it's correct, and yes, it works fine, Eg:



(just copy my m3u8 link and past the sites above and see result)


I checked dooplay source at file /pages/sections/jwp8.php in player configuration, source type is set to video/mp4 but in this case it should be hls.

I wonder why doesn't Dooplay left it empty so JWplayer will automatically detect for us. (I tried comment that line and it works, but I'm editing directly in source file of Dooply and I don't think it a good idea for long term).

Do you have any suggestion for this error?


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