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  1. Hello, I did a short video showing how to encode in hls using ffmpeg manually, then self-host your videos to feralhosting, and serve them to your jwplayer 8 (modified). I fast forwarded the video, to show the basic steps, but you can see the timer on the bottom bar, the whole encode/upload, took less than 30min, for a seson with 19 episodes. (of course for a movie is faster...). the tools used are all FREE (ffmpeg for encode, winscp for upload/manage files). Feel free to ask question, im always open to help out (within limitis). heres the link of the video, i hope you enjoy! https://onionplay.org/fb/encode/hls.php (the video is hosted on facebook by the way). for youtube lovers: youtu.be/laqqTtQ_Wyk
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