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  1. this problem is not from my side, my site working fine. this is the analystic & recaptcha problem which should be fixed by the developer team of dooplay.
  2. thanks but i have already fixed this problem! :-)
  3. can you please explain or send me screenshot...
  4. I Have My one of the fravroit site hdmovies4u (2 year old), which is a famous website of 2018-19. i just need idea about if i need to sell this site so what's the price is best for sell this site. traffic this time around 2k per day, post 500+, full SEO, speed optimized, etc.
  5. reset license & activate again..
  6. I Think Dooplay Team need to Learn More about How to Optimize Theme SEO/Google Page Speed Friendly! I'm Very Disapointed with Dooplay Team. I'm facing "slow loading" problem on my site from long time. from long time i'm using wprocket plugin for avoid speed problem. after new updates of dooplay theme. now also wp rocket unable to fix the extra loading speed time. why? because dooplay team dont have focused on website speed! LOL they just know how to add extra features, but they dont know how to reduce loading speed? how to make dooplay theme more seo friendly/google page speed friendly really? After this, if you planning to fix this problem? i'll reccommend you to redesing full theme (dont need to fix php) because dooplay theme has many types of problem like DOM size (1.4k+ elements), speed index, first paint, time to intraction, minimize main thread Category Time Spent Script Evaluation 1,422 ms Other 679 ms Style & Layout 661 ms Rendering 348 ms Parse HTML & CSS 148 ms Script Parsing & Compilation 113 ms , etc.......... IF YOU AGREE WITH ME COMMENT BELOW Also GiVE YOUR suggestions to dooplay team to improve dooplay theme quality.
  7. Hello Dooplay Team, Fix The Rating Problem Which many users & also i'm facing this problem. I'm Unable to Rate Some Movie Posts! Hope you will add this in your next update. Please check this Scrn => https://pasteboard.co/J5iDA7n.png
  8. arun

    API Keys

    give me your mail id or social media account info i can help you using TEAMVIEWER/Anydesk Software.
  9. arun

    API Keys

    don;t worry but you can still add movies! just add api keys & save changes! that's it. then you can import movies! / after import movies dont forget to update data through movies post edit feature.
  10. i also have this type of problem. also i'm facing null probem when i import TV Shows
  11. As you know! On dooplay theme homepage we can see movie box where you can see the movie name like : avengers endgame (2019) eng... , i have problem with (...) these 3 dots... when we our movie name is large then after some words dooplay theme automatic replace movie name with three dots. hope you understand! i want to show movie name full! with 3 dots! sorry for bad english! [I HAVE ATTACHED SCREEN SHOT] can you please help me??? Thanks! in Advance!
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